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There’s one thing deeply unsettling regarding stepping out of the home-from-work boredom of self-isolation into the tense, close panic of grocery searching throughout a pandemic. normal maybe a double-sided coin currently. At home, things feel hyperreal, and outdoors they feel entirely surreal—two steps off from the flashback scenes during a post-apocalyptic film. you’ll feel a tension between serving to yourself and serving your community. Everyday life throughout the novel Coronavirus pandemic is all regarding confusing contrasts like these.

It might appear additional productive to browse our Anti corona spray and services guide and begin filling your storeroom with cleaning necessities, however, improvement and sanitizing surfaces in your home will facilitate lower the possibilities you or a dear can contract Covid-19 and lower the possibilities you may unfold it to somebody else. Keeping your home (and self) sanitized helps everybody.


Clean and clean

The first issue you will need to understand is that improvement and disinfecting are two very different things. The experts recommend we all do a bit of each, even though no one in your house is sick.

  • Cleaning is regarding removing contaminants from a surface
  • Disinfecting is regarding killing pathogens with anti corona spray.
  • Do each daily if something or anyone has entered or exited your home.

Transmission from person-to-person may be a much larger risk than transmission via surfaces, however, the experts recommend we clean and clean high-touch surfaces in our homes a minimum of once daily simply to be safe, forward we’ve got contact with the outside world in some way, either someone going out and returning or product coming back in.

We target Your Home’s High-Touch Surfaces

Researchers have found that the novel coronavirus is capable of living on surfaces like cardboard for twenty-four hours, however up to 2 or 3 days on plastic and chrome steel. Thus One Roof fumigation does cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces which may be a step we should always all take, even though we are not leaving the house. Anytime things or folks are available in and out of your home, there’s some chance of exposure.

High-Touch Surfaces to wash and clean Daily:

  • Doorknobs
  • Table surfaces
  • Hard eating chairs (seat, back, and arms)
  • Kitchen counters
  • Bathroom counters
  • Faucets and tap knobs
  • Toilets (seat and handle)
  • Light switches

Everyone’s house is a touch totally different, thus simply suppose the surfaces you act with most. For our preference that features is on top, and table surfaces and mousepads (we’ll get to gadgets during a bit). Currently that you just understand what we are cleaning, here’s however we do it.


Sometimes just cleaning material surfaces with soap and water is simply not enough to stay the place clean, hygienic, and safe. This makes sanitizing and disinfecting necessary wherever the germs and microorganisms are eliminated. One roof fumigation is providing skilled sanitizing and disinfecting services in Karachi municipality-approved chemicals and advanced technology. Sanitizing is a method that lessens and even kills germs on surfaces to form them safe for contact. Disinfecting needs a way stronger chemical to destroy all the germs. Sanitizers are chemicals that may kill ninety-nine .99% of bacteria in thirty seconds whereas disinfectant is products that may destroy all organisms in ten minutes.

How we do sanitize and disinfecting with anti corona spray

We use disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide that may be a clear, colorless, and odorless liquid. It may be a broad-spectrum disinfectant for every kind of surface (floors, walls, tables, pipelines, and pieces of equipment). we have a tendency to use hospital-grade surface disinfectors for disinfecting the surfaces for the elimination of viruses and cleaning of the surfaces. The chemical is safe to use around youngsters and pets because it is food grade. Anti corona spray is skin safe, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

The main steps concerned are:

Stage one: All the surfaces are clean and wiped all the way down to take away all the dirt or dirt particles accumulated.

Stage two: The sanitizing solution is sprayed on the surfaces and left for 10- 15 minutes to dissolve and absorbed.

Stage three: the ultimate step is to wipe all wet areas wherever the sanitizing solution was sprayed.

We use a compact and robust steam cleaner that offers outstanding power and authorized medical care. Steaming is finished for furniture, sofas, mattresses to get it sanitized. consistent with studies, steam improvement eliminates 99.99% of common household bacterias. Steam has such a powerful impact. Steaming is that the best method of sanitizing and disinfecting than the other technique mistreatment chemicals. it’s additional economical and environment-friendly because it uses no chemical improvement agents and low tide consumption. Understanding this we choose to do steaming for delivering a hygienical clean in Karachi.

We sanitize and clean all the room space, washroom, utensils, all the rooms, and furniture while not long scrubbing and sharpening.

Do you trying to protect your living or residential place, your working place, your staff, customers and different building occupants from the unfold of illness? Then here you’re the right place to form your booking. As we all know currently that prevention is the best cure. A safe, healthy environment, family, workers, and customers mean a healthier bottom line to your life.

We are providing Disinfecting anti-corona Spray Services in Karachi disinfection is prevention again germs and bacteria. It provides control in spreading and conjointly offers an open killing.

Anti corona sanitization disinfection Spray Services by One Roof is the most trustworthy in town.

This improvement method that we have a tendency to provides offer additional coverage and is right for big space facilities like, residential, colleges, schools, universities, airports, labor camps, producing, factories and health care centers and hospital buildings, etc.

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